Who Will Save The New York Startup Community?

On February 13, 2010 by murat

I hear it from friends almost everyday: “Do you know some space to hold my event?”

It’s a huge problem for all event organizers, who are mostly always creating these events for the benefit of the community, not to make a buck (most of the events are free). Then, why, oh why, is it so difficult and time-consuming to find a space?

Boston has the Microsoft NERD center. Great idea. Available for anyone to hold tech/startup events. Benefits the community. Makes it much easier to organize events. Takes out the venue cost and concern. Benefits the supplier. Improves the community.

So, who is up for helping the NY startup community?

Just announce that you are making your venue available for tech/startup events in the city and the community will surely pay you back with more business, gratitude and karma. Everybody wins.

One Response to “Who Will Save The New York Startup Community?”

  • Iliya Fridman

    We have a beautiful ground-floor space on Spring and Hudson, and can host free meetings for the NY Tech community of up to 50 people. Please contact iliya@ifridman.com with inquiries.