5 Ways to Improve Your Pitches

On November 24, 2011 by murat


The worst thing during a presentation is to lose your audience by making all the wrong and unfounded assumptions about how your startup will take off.

Some tips to improve how you communicate your idea to others:

1) Don’t assume social media and press will cover your startup immediately and without limits.

TechCrunch is not a marketing and PR strategy. Spend time thinking how you will get people to your website and communicate that clearly to the audience.

2) Don’t assume 100% conversion rate.

If you do this, you lose credibility. Not everyone who visits your website will sign up as a user and it is OK. Communicate how you will improve your conversion rates.

3) Don’t assume the inherent utility of the service for a wide segment of the population.

Not every user will write 100′s of reviews on your website, or not every user will vote on every item on your website. Increase your believability by communicating realistic numbers and expectations to the audience.

4) Don’t assume the inherent virality of the service.

Again not every user will invite all of their Facebook friends to your service. Communicate how you will improve the virality of the service so that more and more users will invite their friends over time.

5) Don’t assume high stickiness.

Not every user will come back to your website every day or once a week if ever. Again, communicate how you plan to improve and track this aspect through cohort analysis.


Being realistic wins you the trust and the attention of the audience, making you credible. But first of all, start with this question: “Why will anyone ever use my service?”

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