10 Reasons why it’s a great time to be a global startup

On December 29, 2011 by murat
As we are building great companies at ERA in New York City, through my international background, I am starting to notice some very strong trends and indicators that tell me it’s a great time to be a global startup these days:
1) The investment trend
Investors are more than ever looking into global opportunities seeing how level the playing field is becoming along with the all too apparent growth opportunities. Potential country risks are no longer blocking great startups from being funded by top VC’s. 
Here are some great examples from Turkey:
SocialWire - Top-tier VC firm from New York (to be announced)
And more and more investors are reaching out to me everyday asking about opportunities in Turkey.

2) Cloud Technology everywhere
No need to buy a server and physically place it at an ISP anymore. Amazon Web Services, RackSpace, etc. are here. All startups have access to the same technical resources no matter where they are located.
3) Marketing from anywhere
Rise of social media for marketing levels the playing field. No need to fly over to trade shows and set up funny looking booths to get the word out there. Get passionate early-adopters and you can get viral adoption from anywhere in the world.
4) Technology access from anywhere
Open source technology that is bringing down the cost of starting a new technology company is open and free to anyone from anywhere in the world.
5) Connect with third party data from anywhere
You don’t need to fly halfway around the world to meet and negotiate a contract with a company just to use their data or services anymore. The ubiquity of API’s opens up opportunities to companies from anywhere in the world. ProgrammableWeb lists over 4687 API’s at last count.

6) Collaborate from anywhere
Advanced tools for distributed teams such as git, mercurial, pivotal tracker, etc. make it possible to have distributed teams from all over the world, along with resources such as ODesk.com and Elance.com.
7) Lower burn where you are
Your city is probably much cheaper to live in, you can last longer on less money.
8) Big fish / small pond?
It’s probably easier to get great developers locally than in a hub. Here is an actual quote from SV investor: ‘SV companies are now hiring developers from other places, because now if you are a developer in SV and you are available, people think you are no good’
9) Process payments from anywhere
Much easier to process online payments than 10 years ago. Just sign up, plug in some code and you are good to go.

10) Be anywhere
No one knows or cares where a company is located anymore, as long as they have a great product or service.
For example, HazelCast that is based in Istanbul, has a great auto-scaling open-source in-memory data grid solution that is used by Apple, Morgan Stanley, AT&T and Mozilla and more.

Obviously there are advantages to being in a startup hub such as Silicon Valley or New York, but all trends are showing that some big startup successes will start emerging from all around the world, from Turkey, Chile, Jordan, Argentina, Taiwan or anywhere with hard-working, passionate and smart entrepreneurs.

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