50th Entrepreneurs Roundtable event!

On August 9, 2012 by murat


We started in 2007 with a simple thought: how can we be useful to entrepreneurs in New York City?

(Howard Morgan, First Round Capital, ER10)

The goal was to have a “take-away” at each event. We reversed the thinking and asked everyone: “What are your skills? What can you help others with?”

(Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures, ER15)

Albert Wenger was one of our first speakers. He recommended that we have startups pitch to the VC speaker at the event to get feedback.

John Frankel (FF Venture, ER30)

After 50 events, 2300 applications to pitch at ER events, 250 pitches and more than half of the companies eventually raising money, apparently the idea took hold.

(David Pakman, Venrock, ER33)

  The amazing line-up of speakers, like Fred Wilson, Howard Morgan, John Frankel, Jeff Bussgang, Esther Dyson, along with the ‘let’s help each other’ approach helped us get to event #50.

(Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures, ER38)

Of course it was the New York startup community that made everything happen. We just happened to be here and a proud member of the community that is now exploding with entrepreneurial activity.

(Jeanne Sullivan, Starvest Partners at ER49)

This month we are going to celebrate Entrepreneurship in New York with a big party on August 22nd at our partner “The Alley”, everybody is invited!




Entrepreneurs Roundtable (ER) is a non-profit that helps entrepreneurs succeed in New York City.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is a for-profit early-stage technology investment fund and accelerator that was born out of ER.






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