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NYC’s ERA Announces Participants for its Summer 2021 Program; Companies Receive $100,000 Investments

New York—June 28, 2021—ERA today announced that it has selected its Summer 2021 class. The companies selected to participate in the four-month program are innovating in a variety of significant industries, all with businesses ready to take advantage of ERA’s platform and the broader New York City opportunity.

This is the Accelerator’s 21st program. ERA’s initial investment in participant companies is $100,000.

Andiamo is an AI personalized care coordinator for children with cerebral palsy. Our technology combines sensors in leg braces with digital twins to deliver treatment plans to clinicians and families. This creates efficiencies for clinicians and payers and improves outcomes for families, enabling better clinical decisions and making treatments—from bracing and physio to surgery—affordable.

Cirkled In is LinkedIn for Gen-Z youth– A modern, secure, and engaging online platform for youth to share their holistic accomplishments showcasing their talent and connecting them to the best-fit colleges, trade schools, employers & other endless opportunities, creating win-win.

FanatX is the stock market for sports. Our platform lets people freely buy and sell shares of sports propositions and futures in a liquid, free market like they would traditional stocks. FanatX gives sports fans a skill-based way to leverage their knowledge, invest in their sports beliefs, and compete against the market.

Flow is a location-based app that makes it easy to discover and access the places around you. We partner with commercial businesses like workspaces and gyms to fill underutilized space by providing nearby consumers with a flexible pay-as-you-go alternative to restrictive memberships and long-term commitments.

Idenati is the next-generation home screen for the internet. Our web app organizes all aspects of your digital life – from bookmarks to passwords to notes – in one beautiful and secure place, unlocking focus and productivity in the process.

Lever is a smart digital wallet platform to help consumers optimize credit card rewards, track spending, and improve credit scores. We aggregate multiple credit cards into a single card and select the best one for each transaction based on the user’s reward preferences and financial situation.

MedAux is an electronic medical record for outpatient care. Our text-based product automates outpatient follow-ups and records real-time clinical data inside the hospital EMR. We send automated multilingual follow-ups via text message and capture real-time clinical data for more efficient delivery of clinical care.  

MedCompli is a compliance program management system purpose-built for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotech companies.  We provide an agile Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) cloud solution that combines powerful functionality with intuitive design to enhance enterprise GRC programs and simplify burdensome compliance requirements.

Netic is telehealth physical therapy for athletic Americans. Our remote chat-based care allows PTs and patients to share treatment plans, progress metrics, and videos for AI gait analysis. Starting with runners, we help people heal from injury with physical therapy that is convenient and affordable.

NILE is an end-to-end real estate transaction platform. Our software lets agents easily list, sell, and close homes in one vertically integrated system. We streamline how agents transact home sales using smart tools, AI, and workflow automation—so they can better serve their customers.

SquadOV is an intelligent video content platform for gamers. Our platform lets users  create content and improve gameplay with friends by giving them the tools to seamlessly record, find, and share key moments as a squad. SquadOV makes it possible for every user to become a content creator or pro-gamer.

Very Real Help is an anonymous mental health peer support platform. Help Club, our social virtual world, provides 24/7 access to real-time peer support. People log in as anonymous avatars using phones, computers, or VR headsets to attend groups and learn evidence-based tools for coping with mental health issues, and connect with a supportive community.

WearWorks is a haptic design company that builds products and experiences that communicate information through touch.  Our first product, Wayband, is a wristband that helps a person  navigate using only vibrations. Wayband helped the first blind person run in the NYC marathon without sighted assistance.

Whether is a platform that predicts the impact of extreme weather using a combination of remote sensing and AI. Our products help asset owners and risk managers intelligently prepare ahead of events like tornadoes and hurricanes, and react decisively during them.

About ERA

ERA is New York City’s leading technology accelerator and early-stage venture capital fund. It has invested in 240+ start-ups since launching in 2011.  Its alumni companies, who come from all over the world, are already playing leading roles in the evolution of virtually every major global industry. To date, ERA alumni companies have raised more than $1 billion in capital and collectively exceed $6 billion in market capitalization.