NYC’s ERA Announces Participants for its Summer 2022 Program; Companies Receive $100,000 Investments

New York—June 13, 2022—ERA today announced that it has selected its Summer 2022 class. The companies selected to participate in the four-month program are innovating in a variety of significant industries, all with businesses ready to take advantage of ERA’s platform and the broader New York City opportunity.

This is the Accelerator’s 23rd program. ERA’s initial investment in participant companies is $100,000.

Cityline is an app that helps rental property owners vet prospective tenants by instantly running credit, income, and background checks—cutting down a multi-day process into just a few seconds. Upon tenant approval, we generate custom lease agreements and automate the behind the scenes work of execution, guaranteeing legal compliance, and eliminating tenant/owner exchange.

Emporia is an AI-powered sourcing engine that streamlines recruitment and fielding for B2B market researchers. A simple search query scans millions of academic journals, research papers, clinical trial data, LinkedIn and more to identify and reach the perfect candidate for any project.

Fisecal is automated financial planning software that delivers comprehensive financial plans in seconds. We empower financial professionals to expand their services to the middle-class profitably while enabling them to work with more clients, offer new services, and engage with more prospects. Our simple, intuitive software makes it easy for anyone to get financial advice.

GenEQTY is a fintech data and analytics platform. We combine fragmented SMB financial data to create a single source of truth for the businesses and their financial partners. Our business intelligence software gives financial service providers the opportunity to sell tailored financial products to their SMB clients.

Genvision is a marketplace for carbon offsets. We are creating a digital twin of all forests and wetlands around the world, enabling us to instantly verify how much carbon is stored in these natural assets. This way, we provide a profitable alternative to deforestation for landowners while providing trustworthy carbon credits to large corporations..

Inside voices is an online platform for workers seeking diversity and inclusion. We help jobseekers understand how companies treat people of color by letting them hear from real employees. By creating a safe space for transparency, we protect jobseekers from toxic environments and help inclusive companies attract talent.

mEMR Health provides medical record retrieval solutions to provider groups and virtual care clinics by using a combination of AI and a centralized operations platform, which lowers practice administrative costs and finds hidden revenue in their patients’ records.

PumpML is a machine learning platform that allows developers and organizations to build products that understand and respond to non-voice sounds (e.g., glass breaking, a baby crying, the rumble of a motor, etc.).

Sublayer is a community monitoring platform for Web3 and NFT creators, investors, and members. Our software provides real-time data, news, and analytics for any of your communities. We give you a beautiful, intuitive, and organized dashboard that alerts, informs, and communicates the information you need now.

Sweeps is a mobile bank that uses the fun parts of betting to help fans save money. Instead of paying more to win more, you save more to win more. Besides offering savings accounts and debit cards, users get free tickets that are similar to parlays with real cash prizes.

Tensile is an online incentive platform that rewards customers for paying directly from their bank accounts. Our platform allows merchants to quickly and easily create incentives that save them money and give their customers more value at checkout. Shopify merchants can install and go live on Tensile in less than 10 minutes.

Verilink is a platform that helps brands digitize their offerings. Many brands are turning to NFTs to digitize their product lines and Verilink’s solution centers around physical NFTs. The core product of the platform is the Verilink wallet, the first physical NFT wallet on the market.

WATS is a digital platform for business waste management that enables cost savings and emissions reductions through operational efficiency and transparency. WATS steps inside the building and standardizes the way that waste information is organized by making standard procedures more accessible, simplifying waste reduction, connecting generators and vendors, and metering waste like any other utility.

Workback is a learning-as-a-benefit platform enabling employees to get reimbursed for taking any online course, University class, or training they choose. HR teams allocate funds to employees’ digital wallets, while employees feel confident that upskilling is encouraged. Workback’s team envisions a better future where every employer offers learning benefits, unlocking diversity and retention goals, while reducing student debt.

Yieldeasy is a digital platform for buying and selling small apartment buildings (2-20 Units).  Our platform simplifies an inefficient and frustrating process that plagues this segment for everyday real estate investors (high fees, no transparency, and bad agents/info). We own the full process of investing in real estate by partnering with financing, insurance, diligence, title, and property management companies.

About ERA

ERA is New York City’s leading technology accelerator and early-stage venture capital fund. It has invested in 280+ start-ups since launching in 2011. Its alumni companies, who come from all over the world, are already playing leading roles in the evolution of virtually every major global industry. To date, ERA alumni companies have raised more than $1 billion in capital and collectively exceed $6 billion in market capitalization.